We offer a full line of high efficiency
burners for the specialized needs of the metal processing industry, from ferrous heat treating to primary iron and steel, annealing, galvanizing, and non-ferrous metal treating.


From cookies baked in ovens to beverage malt dried in a low temperature airstream, the food industry relies on us for process heating solutions to maintain product quality and consistency.


We design and supply world class combustion products and systems for all automotive finishing applications–from surface preparation through painting, curing, VOC destruction and heat recovery.


We offer the most complete portfolio of advanced combustion equipment  for the glass industry, worldwide. From burners to complete systems, we provide combustion solutions for every process in the glass plant.


Our extensive range of immersion and air heating burners is ideal for the washing,
dry-off and baking processes used in product finishing operations. We deliver
the right combustion solution for each application.

Industrial Drying

Our technology delivers precise,
consistent heat for drying applications including pulp and paper, lumber, publishing, gypsum, and textile industries. Our burners and heat exchangers are specified by OEMs around the world.

Commercial Heating

We offer the perfect burner to fit any commercial heating application.
Our engineers know how to apply
the heat to makeup air heating,
mine air heating, thermal fluid process heaters and countless others.


We have the expertise and the products
to deliver precise heat and low emissions for a wide range of incineration applications from solid waste, fume incineration to cremation and many others.

Other Industries

We also provides innovative thermal solutions for a multitude of other
industries including Petrochemical, Ceramics, Bio-fuels, Power Generation, Plastics, Rubber, Gas Distribution and Electrical.
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