VBS / VCW - Gas Venturi Meters (USA/CDN)
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Gas Venturi
Flow Metering Device

• Permits accurate setting of burner air and gas flow for optimum efficiency.
• Lower pressure loss than plate type orifices; can reduce blower horsepower requirements.
• +/- 1 % accuracy depending on lacation, measurement accuracy and proper use of correction factors.
• One piece machined brass connection
• Includes brass hex-head screws to plug holes when measurements are not being taken.
• Metal tag chained to orifice clearly shows orifice pipe size and part number.

Screwed Venturi’s (VBS)
• Available from 1/2” - 2 1/2” NPT
• Rated for 250 PSI
• Brass construction
• Max. temperature rating 300 °F

Welded Venturi’s (VCW)
• Available from 2 1/2” - 30” NPT
• Rated for 250 PSI
• Zinc plated construction
• Ends are chamfered for buttwelding to pipes
• Max. temperature rating 300 °F

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