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Test burner

Technical description
The Dungs test burner PB2 with push button cock is flashback-proof. Press the push-button 1 to release gas supply. The gas flow takes the required air in through the hole in the burner tube 2.
The gas-air mixture is fed to the burner head 3 and manually ignited at the outlet opening.
The gas supply remains open when the push-button is pressed and is immediately interrupted after the pushbutton is released.

The universal gas test burner is used in firing systems for steam boilers and for venting gas regulator trains.
Test burners are required in compliance with the requirements of TRD 412 (5.95).
The PB2 is suitable for gases of families 1, 2 and 3.

Push-button valve 1: EC type testing certificate as per:
• EC-Gas Appliances Regulation

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