DMK/6 - Butterfly Control Valve (USA/CDN)
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Butterfly Control Valve
DMK/6 Series

Technical description

The DMK butterfly control valve actuates from 0° to 90° degrees in either direction; it is not a tight shut-off valve. Inlet side male thread and outlet-side female thread enable a space-saving assembly directly on most DUNGS safety shutoff valves.

- Max. operating pressure: 7 PSI - Max. differential pressure: 3.6 PSI
- Multiple internal orifice diameters available for specific flow requirements
- Requires a DUNGS direct drive DMA actuator with operation time: 12 s or 30 s for 90°; 4 - 20 mA input.
- Small, light weight, easy to install, functional, rugged, and maintenancefree due to no linkages

The DMK is recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications for modulating gas or air supply to burners. The DMK butterfly control valve is suitable for dry natural gas, propane, butane, air and other inert gases. Suitable for up to 0.1 % by volume, dry H2S.

A “dry” gas has a dew point lower than +15 °F and its relative humidity is less than 60 %.

DMK/6 Butterfly control valve is used for modulating gas or air supply to burners; not a tight shut-off valve.

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