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Temperature Elements

Temperature Elements & Thermowells are manufactured at our New Mumbai plant which is established under technical collaboration with M/s. Gauges Bourdon Ltd. – UK / France. High quality elements / sensors are proven for its precision, reliability, safety and high product life cycle in worldwide onshore and offshore industries.

General offers ATEX and CE certificated RTD and Thermocouples with various combinations of length and outer sheath with rapid response to withstand pressure, erosion and vibration environment. RTD & Thermocouples are manufactured in accordance with national and international standards such as ANSI MC96.1, IEC 584, IEC 751, DIN 43670 class A & B.

Types: RTD : Simplex / Duplex type MI RTD Assemblies, Multipoint RTD, Nickel wire RTD, RTD with Temperature Transmitter, Skin type RTD Assemblies, Bearing Temperature Measurement RTD, Room Temperature Measurement RTD, Retractable Telescopic RTD

Thermocouple : J, K, E, T, N, R , S , B type thermocouples, simplex / duplex / triplex element MI Thermocouples, MI Thickwall Thermocouples, MI Tube Skin Thermocouple Assemblies, Multipoint Thermocouple Assemblies, Special Thermocouple Assemblies
SS316, SS321, Inconel 600 Sheath & Weatherproof, Flameproof, EX-Proof enclosures (ATEX certified)

Testing: Chemical Analysis, Dimensional, Hydro Test, Dye Penetration, Bore concentricity, Physical, Microstructure, Post Weld H/T, NACE Compliance, Radiography, Ultrasonic, IGC various practices, IBR, PMI, etc. Approved WPS / PQR for various raw materials and welder and NDE qualification available . Regular Inspection and testing by BV, DNV, TUV, Lloyds, ABS, Moody, EIL, CEIL, etc.

Tests: Calibration, Nitrogen leak test, Dimensional check, Insulation resistance (>100 M ohm @ 500VDC at 250C), Continuity Test, Vibration test, Drop / Shock test, Self heating error test, Response time test (In situ-water flowing @ 20 ltr. Per second), Autoclave test, Hot IR Test

Certification: CE, ATEX, CCOE, GOST R,BIS,DGMS

bulletsSpecial Thermocouple Assemblies

bullets MI RTD Assemblies bullets Skin type RTD Assemblies

bullets MI Thermocouples bullets MI Thickwall Thermocouples
bullets MI Tube Skin Thermocouple Assemblies bullets Multipoint Thermocouple Assemblies  
bullets Special Thermocouple Assemblies bullets Temperature Element Assemblies

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