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The safety relief valve SL10 is mainly used to blow off a small amount of gas when the pressure is slowly increasing and to avoid that the safety shut-off valves releases.

The safety relief valve SL10 is suitable for gases in accordance with DVGW Code of Practice G260/262 and all other neutral and non-corrosive gases (others upon request). The SL10 is available with thread connections Rp 1', Rp 1,5', Rp 2' and blow off pressure up to 3,5 bar. All safety relief valves are certified by DVGW and CE.

The spring – loaded safety relief valve SL 10 is used for reducing short – term pressure surges upstream of gas consumption systems or preventing an inadmissibly high pressure increase due to escaping gas, and is intended to protect downstream system components from excessive pressure levels.

 Valve seat diameter , measuring movement diameter

Nominal size Connection Valve seat  Max flow rate          Control unit
     (mm)  (Nm3/h)               (mm)
DN 25 Rp 1    20     100                 145
DN 40 Rp 1 ½    25     300                 145
DN 50 Rp 2    25     300                 145

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