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The S100 Safety Shut Off valve is mainly used to avoid any damage to components as well as to avoid too high or too low pressure in the gas train. This could cause high financial losses and/or injured people.

The safety shut off valve S100 is suitable for gases in accordance with DVGW Code of Practice G260/262 and all other neutral and non-corrosive gases (others upon request).The S100 is available with flange connections DN25 to DN200 and working pressure up to 8,0 bar. All safety shut off valves are certified by DVGW and CE.


The safety shut-off valve S 100 shuts off the gas flow when the outlet pressure in the regulating sections exceeds or falls below a certain response pressure. To this end, the outlet pressure to be monitored is passed on to the SSV controller via a separate measurement line. As a function of the change in pressure, the diaphragm comparator in the controller is raised or lowered. When the outlet pressure in the regulating section falls below the lower switchoff point or exceeds the upper switch-off point, the switch socket connected to the SSV diaphragm will move to the corresponding disengaging position, the balls of the engaging mechanism will release the SSV valve stem, and the closing spring will press the SSV valve disc against the valve seat. The SSV actuator shuts off the gas flow gas-tight. The SSV can only be opened by hand and engaged in the open position. To do so, the outlet pressure at the measuring point
must be lowered below the upper response pressure or raised above the lower response pressure by at least the re-engaging differential amount (Δp).


Sizes: 1' (DN25) to 8' (DN200)
Connections: Flanged PN or ANSI
Joints & Seals:  
Medium: Gas
Operating Pressure: 8 Barg
Release: Lack of pressure and overpressure
Approvals: According to PED
Notes: Can be used in any orientation, Gas-tight zero position

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