Semi Synthetic Oil
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Semi Synthetic Oil
Semi Synthetic is premium quality engine oil made from only the best
raw materials, systems and processes. Being of the highest API grade it ensures
the best of both protective qualities for your engine & performance.
Recommended for newer engines. Excellent for smaller cc cars. Semi Synthetic
engine oils are a perfect balance between cost and performance. Recommended
for vehicles that do not have too high a mileage. The drain interval is lower than
that of a fully synthetic, but significantly higher than that of a mineral base.
Additive packages here are also close to cutting edge. This ensures, anti-wear to
reduce engine friction and detergency to ensure cleanliness.
Gasoline Engine Oil
• 5W30
• 5W40
• 10W30
• 10W40
• 15W40
• 15W50
Available in 1L,4L,5L,18L,20L,200L

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